365 days of hospitality

We have found the place where we belong – and we have been here for generations. This is the most beautiful place on Earth to us, and we are very proud to be a part of a long tradition. We would like to pass along this feeling of a warm and comfortable home to our guests, and have accordingly decorated the Neuhaus hotel with a great interior and many loving details. But the greatest invitation we offer our guests is every single day filled with hospitality that comes straight from the heart.

It is impossible to overestimate the value of a harmonic family life. It guarantees shared joys and feelings of security, solidarity, responsibilities, but also a pledge to support one another. Of course we don't always see eye-to-eye on everything all the time – we all have our own minds – but we share values, and agree on what is important in life. And here we are, from left to right: Anna Katharina, Sebastian, Sophia, Elisabeth ad Josef Moigg.

A house with a history

Our house was built in the year of 1649, and we are quite certain it could tell lots of interesting stories from all those years. We have deliberately chosen not to hide the sign of age. In fact, we highlight the special flair that the long history of the place gives us. Paintings, photos, many pretty trinkets and long details are all items that remind us of our rich family tradition. We take good care of everything, and are especially pleased when guests take notice and ask about the history of our hotel. Just like the house itself, we love to tell a good story.

Many favorite places

A house needs lots of comfortable places where you can socialize with friends, enjoy twosomeness or withdraw to for solitary contemplation. At the Hotel Neuhaus you will find plenty of such places, also outside of your guest room. The inviting warmth in front of the tiled stove may be particularly appealing on a cold winter's day. There are so many possibilities for casual leisure – read a book, talk to a friend, play cards, enjoy a meal – or simply allow your mind to wander for a while.

Comfortable tradition

Our surroundings influence the way we feel, if we find it easy to relax or to engage in an exciting conversation. It also increases the pleasure of being in a particular place. Artfully crafted carvings, noble fabrics, lead glazings and beautiful paintings – already our forefathers knew the importance of a solid ambiance. The tradition can be felt throughout the house, but it has been dusted off and improved with lots of refreshing details. Because we believe that only tradition that allows for vitality and keeps us young at heart is of any value.

Generations of hospitality

The joy and happiness of our guests is the pride and joy for us hosts. For generations we have dedicated our lives to hospitality, and it is our goal to make the days you spend on holiday in Zillertal the absolute best days of the year. We make that happen with engagement, know-how, humor and lots of heart. And by fulfilling small desires now and then.

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